Design Studio

Aysha Abdulmalek’s Design Studio

Aisha Abdulmalek’s Design Studio provides an optimal environment for a close interaction with the designer, Aisha Abdulmalek, and work with her through the different stages of designing to the point where the end product meets the dreams of its future owner. Each bespoke design goes through its own unique trajectory involving various iterations.The following is an example of some of the most common stages that previous bespoke designs went through:

  • General review of global trends
  • Testing skin undertones
  • Shortlisting suitable colors and matching them with personal taste
  • Define a universe of colors and stones to work with
  • Agree on a general budget
  • Work on the general design outline
  • Review potential blueprints in person or online
  • Agree on a final design
  • Manufacturing process
  • Deliver the product at the Studio or at home

    To take a 3D tour around the studio please click on the video below.